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Tampa, FL auto transport guide

Tampa is located in the west of the central part of the Florida peninsula. The city lies on the shore of a large natural bay, called Tampa Bay and stretching about 55 km deep into the peninsula of Florida. For most of its length, the bay has a width of 8 to 16 km. To the territory of the United States, Tampa was annexed in the middle of the 19th century, already at that time it represented a promising and rapidly developing industrial region. At the end of the 19th century, the city was famous for its tobacco company, which produced the best cigars in the district, later large phosphate extraction and processing plants were opened, and the tourist sphere began to develop only in the second half of the 20th century.

Tampa. FL auto transport

You can get acquainted with the culture of local residents while visiting museums. It is worth to look at the collections of the Museum of Arts, which began to be formed 150 years ago. Every evening at the Main Theater and Concert Complex there are productions and musical performances, so that everyone can choose their own cultural program to taste. Of particular interest is the garden Busch Gardens Africa, which was created by a unique project of modern architects. Each part of this natural complex is thought through to the smallest detail. Fans of shopping should recommend the shopping center Channel side, one of the most ambitious in the city. And lovers of sports do not have to be bored at all, there is a huge choice of entertainment on the beaches, and on the territory of each hotel there is necessarily a gym and a fitness center.

In the city of Tampa there are 6 main districts: Downtown Tampa, North Tampa, West Tampa, East Tampa, South Tampa and New Tampa, which make up about 80 smaller areas . Today, the historical legacy of the boom period of the city can be felt in the oldest district of the city – Ybor City, located northeast of downtown Tampa. Ibor City was formed as a Latin American region, where cigar production was concentrated. Having reached its dawn by the beginning of the Great Depression (in the year 1929, 500 million cigars were rolled up in the factories of Ibor City), the region survived decades of oblivion and decline and is partially restored only in the last decade.

Thanks to the excellent climatic conditions, the sunny and affable town of Tampa attracts a large number of holidaymakers every year. Here you can swim under the warm sun for days on the velvet white sand and splash in the emerald waters in the Bay of Tampa. Around the city are scattered chic hotels with excellent service and a lot of shops, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. Annually in Tampa there passes the Pirate festival “Gasparilla”, especially loved not only by the local residents, but also by the guests of the city. The festival takes place at the end of January and consists of several events, which are watched by more than 400 thousand spectators.

Tampa. FL Auto Transport Guide

Tampa is one of the busiest cities when talking about auto transport. There are around 400-500 vehicles ready to be shipped each week from this city (according to Centraldispatch). Most vehicles are being shipped to New York or to California, so it will be much easier (and sometimes cheaper) to get a driver on these routes. Here is a brief example of how much can you pay to ship your car from Florida to different states.

Florida Car Shipping Rates

Let’s check how much will it cost to ship standard sedan to most popular states (sedan prices are a golden standard in car shipping. You should add 10% from the cost if vehicle is inoperable, 20% if it’s SUV, 25% if it’s pickup, up to 50% for enclosed trailer).

 Tampa, FL to New York, NY


*Price to be paid to the carrier. You should add $100-$150 brokerage fee to get the total.

Tampa, FL to Houston, TX

tampa - tx

*Price to be paid to the carrier. You should add $100-$150 brokerage fee to get the total.

Tampa, FL to Los Angeles, CA

tampa - ca

*Price to be paid to the carrier. You should add $100-$150 brokerage fee to get the total.

Tampa, FL to Seattle, WA

tampa - wa

*Price to be paid to the carrier. You should add $100-$150 brokerage fee to get the total.

Tampa, FL to Chicago, IL

tampa - il

*Price to be paid to the carrier. You should add $100-$150 brokerage fee to get the total.

As far as you can see the average price for the sedan is around 30-40 cents per mile. Remember to check if the company you are using has all licenses and insurance. It’s worth noting that brokers are not the ones who will cover your vehicle with insurance during the transportation. Once the vehicle is dispatch and picked up the carrier company will take care of the insurance if something happens, and they will be responsible for the vehicle during the whole trip. Please make sure to ask for the insurance certificate after your vehicle is dispatched to the specific carrier.


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