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Tallahassee is the capital of the US state of Florida and ranks fourth in population. This name was fixed in the city in the beginning of the sixteenth century thanks to the Indians of the Appalachian tribe, who inhabited the land. Literally Tallahassee can be translated as “old fields”. This is due to the fact that the city was surrounded on all sides by huge fields. According to legends, the final version of writing this name was chosen by the daughter of the ruler of Florida, Octavia Walton.

Tallahassee is considered a “student” city. The total number of students studying in Tallahassee exceeds 70,000. It is not surprising that according to statistics, almost half of the adult population has a college degree, and the average age of the residents of Tallahassee just 26.4 years. For comparison, the average age of the population in the state of Florida is 41.5 years, and higher education is in 22%. Today Tallahassee is a typical modern city with a developed tourist infrastructure, numerous offices, banks, service organizations, educational and healthcare institutions. There is practically no industry, as in most capitals of the US states, which, of course, affects the cleanliness of the environment. In the vicinity of Tallahassee, there are extensive citrus plantations.

How to spend time in Tallahassee, if fate has abandoned you there? You will not be bored, for Tallahassee, while never under the influence of total destruction, has preserved the distinctive colonial architecture of the old part of the city. In fact, Tallahassee is, in a way, an open-air museum. Peaceful and well-fed life also allowed to create and multiply interesting museums, sports and entertainment complexes, comfortable recreation areas, etc.

The Florida State Capitol, sometimes called the “old Capitol”, is a building of great historical and architectural significance. It stands at the intersection of Monroe Street and Appalachian Parkway. This building was built in 1845, and in the 1970s, after the new Capitol was built, it was going to be demolished. However, changed their minds, instead restoring to the version of 1902 Today, the old, classic and low Capitol is in sharp contrast to the 22-story rectangular building of the new one, standing directly behind. Inside is the Historical Museum. Together with the second building, the Capitol became the third largest in the country (after Washington and Texas).

In the city and its environs there are plenty of places for outdoor recreation. So, Lake Ella, which is just north of the city center, adjoins the park of Fred Drake, where picnic places are arranged and you can walk wonderfully around the lake. On the western side there are many nice shops and cafes. In the center of McLay Gardens there is an old mansion, the winter residence of Alfred MacLay, open for public visits – inside there is a museum exposition.

The “Downtown Ghettoown” festival usually takes place in the autumn in the central business district, in the City. The program includes concerts, food on the air, performances of street artists, clowns, etc. In the middle of October in Tallahassee the Greek Orthodox Church organizes a festival of Greek cuisine. Of course, it not only treats spanakopitoy, dolmads and dzadziki, but they also sing and dance. And in November, a two-day annual wine and food festival is held in the city on a charitable basis, within the framework of which a wine auction, a tasting and a golf tournament are held.

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