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Miami. FL Car Transport Guide

Grand Miami is the name of the city of Miami itself, the main resort of Florida. In this sunny paradise come from all parts of the United States of America and from abroad: annually the resort receives more than 38 million tourists who “leave” here over 17 USD billion. It is here, in the suburbs of Miami, Miami Beach is located – one of the most famous seaside resorts.

At the end of the XIX century, at the time of its foundation, the city consisted of only a few dozen houses, but in just 30 years it grew almost 200 times. The crisis of the 30s slowed Miami’s growth, but since the middle of the last century it has grown again and is becoming one of the most important economic centers of the United States.

Miami is the capital of the world’s cruise business. From here the routes start towards the Bahamas or the Caribbean islands, with a visit to Key West, Nasau (the capital of the Bahamas), Paradise Island (the island where Al Capone traveled), Mexico, to Haiti. The path starts either directly from the port of Miami (the seaport of Miami is located on the island of Dodge (Dodge Island)), or from Fort Lauderdale, which is 40 km from Miami.

Most pilgrims habitually perceive Miami as a beach Mecca. Along the streets roam the rich elderly Americans, everywhere yachts and chic hotels. Here also lived Hemingway.

Three things that everyone should do in Miami:

  1. Have breakfast in the tiny diner “The News”. Actually, it is better to start with a “working” day. This cafe is the favorite institution of the late Gianni Versace. The fashion designer was shot by his own lover (this happened in 1997), but his spirit continues to soar nearby. The cafe is located at 800 Ocean Drive – next to the chic villa of a fallen designer.

  2. Flip over the night Miami Beach. The most glamorous nightly parties are organized in Miami Beach – this is known to everyone. Most nightclubs are concentrated on the Ocean Drive – bars, open and closed dance floors meet here on every corner. Some institutions adhere to the regime of non-stop – the fun there does not cease around the clock.

  3. To lie on the beach. Actually, this is where the majority of tourists come. The local beach, strewn with a soft white sand, seems to stretch out into infinity. Hiding from the exhausting heat can be in one of the cafe Ocean Drive. Ordering a refreshing Mojito there, get ready for a second cocktail for free.

What is there to see in Miami for tourists who love nature? For example, the Jungle Island, where you can see rare representatives of flora and fauna from different corners of the planet, Lummus Park with a huge number of greenery and recreational areas, and the Everglades, a national park inhabited by American crocodiles and Florida Panthers. It is also interesting to visit the local Oceanarium, where you can see not only the marine inhabitants themselves but also the performances with the participation of some of them.

How much does it cost to transport a car to or from Miami, FL?

Miami is one of the best cities in Florida and obviously, there are a lot of carriers and drivers ready to perform the transportation. Usually, there are around 1000-1200 vehicles ready to go from this region every week. The average price for a sedan is $0.35-$0.5 per mile. Here is a simple view of how much does it cost to transport vehicles from Miami, FL:

Miami - All States

Miami, FL to New York, NY

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Miami, FL to Houston, TX

miami - TX

Miami, FL to Los Angeles, CA

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Miami, FL to Seattle, WA

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Miami, FL to Chicago, IL

miami - IL

You should consider yourself lucky if you are moving your car from Florida. Tons of drivers ready to pickup your vehicle and prices are pretty much low considering to other cities in Florida. Some drivers might say that Miami is like an end destination for most of the car carriers. If they will not pickup a car from Miami most likely they will run empty for hundreds of miles, it’s one of the main reasons why prices are considerably low from this area.

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My husband had a car delivered and the shipment was very quick and the driver went above and beyond getting the car unloaded because the battery had died. All of this in the pouring rain!! Thank you so very much!!!

They were awesome! They are very accommodating. They keep you posted from pick up to arrival. The best part is that they are on time! I am definitely going to keep using them to transport my car.

I called them on Wednesday to have them pick up a 1953 Chevrolet and it was loaded on Thursday. They stayed in contact with me about every step. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of transporting anything.

I've shipped cars between our summer and winter homes (Michigan, Florida) for years but I always used enclosed shipping. Since this is the last year for our summer home I shipped my Jeep back via open carrier and upon looking around found them and they did a great job. I'm happy with their service and would, without reservation, recommend them to anyone that asked.

This is the 2nd time I've used them. I was a bit skeptical due to them being priced quite a bit lower than others, but decided to go with them anyway based on some reviews. The first time was with a move from Texas to Arizona, and this time, from Arizona to Pennsylvania. Each time, their communication and service has been on point. While the actual truckers will be in charge of communication on the road (each experience was different, one good, one was subpar), anything you need from them themselves will meet expectations!

Most polite , caring drivers, brought our car to us 1200 miles through a hurricane ,delivered it unscathed in perfect condition! Would definitely use them again!!