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Lakeland, FL Car Transport Guide

Abraham Munn was that person who moved to the Central part of Florida in 1882. He acquired 80 acres of land and settled there. Munn’s land becomes a center of today’s Lakeland, but official name “Lakeland” the city got only in 1885. With the development of railway transport, the growth of Lakeland started, so far that it was the 3rd of the largest cities of Florida. Unfortunately, gradually, the economy of Lakeland began to wither and it lasted until 1970s, when a new life in the city was breathed.

We know today’s Lakeland as one of the greatest place to stay and to visit, with its unforgettable parks and the most beautiful landscapes and, of course, lakes. So all activities connecting with water are welcome here: starting from fishing and ending up by making incredible pictures or drawing landscapes. If your doctor recommends you long walks on fresh air, you should definitely visit this city of Florida. But not only the beauty of nature Lakeland is famous: museums and historical places are also an important part of this town.

What places are worth visiting in Lakeland, FL?

1. Polk Theatre
This is not just a functioning theater but the officially registered historical place. You can come here if you want to enjoy music or performance or even watch the latest movies there.

2. Lake Parker
If you are an avid fisherman, then, for sure you are welcome here. And if your wife hates fishing, well, she can explore the marvelous nature trails. One of these trails can lead to the Lake John.

3. Circle B Bar Reserve
If you are expecting to grab a glass of beer here, sorry this is not that kind of places. It is a national nature reserve, a part of land that is under protection, to preserve the pristine nature.
So here you can find plenty of birds and a lot of wildlife, even alligators. Don’t forget to take a camera with you, pictures made in Circle B Bar Reserve will be fabulous.

4. Lakeland Center
Sports fun? Then Lakeland Center is the place number one for visiting. It is a huge covered stadium where the most popular American matches are held.
Music fun? You can enjoy annual concerts here as well.

5. Polk Museum of Art
The museum was opened to visitors in earlier 1966 and work till today. Here you can find not only works of modern Art but also works of art before Columbus discovered America.
Polk Museum of Art can be proud to present works of Lakeland artists, as well as work of students of Polk Public schools. And the enter is free! Don’t forget to buy souvenirs at souvenir shop next to the museum.

6. Joker Marchant Stadium
Opened in 1966, the reconstruction was made in 2003. The stadium area allows to seat 8.500 people. Here you can see games of the Detroit Tigers along with games of different American baseball teams. There are a lot of parking place next to the stadium, the gift shop, and plenty of various food and drinks.

7. Hollis Garden
This is a marvelous place to rest in a sunny day. Thousands of different flowers, butterflies and sculptural fountain will make your day unforgettable. The perfect place for a date as the garden has plenty of roses whose aroma will help to connect two loving hearts. Hollis Garden overlooks a Lake Mirror with great paved walking path about a mile around it. You can visit it free of charge.

8. Lake Morton

Fishing, fishing and fishing! Lake Morton is a paradise for all fishermen, with its crystal clear water and plenty of fish. Children can feed ducks, swans, storks and other birds or just observe the beauty of the nature. Perfect place for picnics, walks, photography.

9. Munn Park
This park is dedicated to the memory of Confederate soldiers and takes its name from the Lakeland founder – the Abraham Munn. Pleasant place with fountain and statues, sometimes you can listen to life music there. Great place to sit outside and enjoy meal on fresh air.

10. Aerospace Discovery at the Florida Air Museum at Sun ‘n Fun

Opened in 1974, here you can see everything connecting with the aviation and its history, even the motor of a Mercury rocket or handmade planes. Here you can find a lot of information about US aerospace and flight history and even conduct the wedding ceremony or thematic party. Sometimes day and night airshows are conducted.

How much does it cost to transport a car from or to Lakeland, FL?

Lakeland is a beautiful town, located between Tampa and Orlando in south-central part of Florida. If you are planning to move your vehicle from or to Lakeland, FL, here you can find a lot of interesting information, including the latest shipping quotes. But remember, that each car transportation is unique and depends on a lot of factors such as: car type, car size, shipping type (open/enclosed trailer), time of the year etc.

How to calculate your cost of shipping?

Just fill in the online form that you can find on the top of this site and you’ll get the best offers in a second. If you find the offer that meets all you needs, just fill in the form with all required information. If not, you can start an auction or offer your own price and conditions and wait for a driver that will be ready to ship your car.

In order to help you to calculate the cost of the trip, below you can find the cost of previously carried out transportation.

How does it work?

For example, you ship Ford Escape 2016 form Lakeland, FL to Huntsville, Al. The length of the entire route is 692 miles and the cost per mile is 0,48 cents so the total cost of transportation will be $ 335,00. Usually the cost is rounded for ease of calculations. The cost per mile varies due to a lot of reasons, check the table below for better understanding or contact us and we will give you all prices in the nearest time.

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