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Hialeah is located in Miami-Dade County in Florida, USA. In this city – the highest percentage in the United States of the Cuban population, which leaves an imprint on the local culture. There are a lot of Hispanic inhabitants. The main religion is Catholicism. It produces the world famous carbonated drink “Orange” with citrus flavor.

This city strikingly combines the developed infrastructure, convenient location relative to the transport highways, both railway and automobile, and aviation. There are all social institutions here. Also, there are many retailers, supermarkets and other trading enterprises. There are many cultural events in the city. There are 15 municipal parks and seven swimming pools. Hialeah is a city of family values and is oriented to the diversified development of each person’s personality.

In 1925 the status of the city was obtained. Then its population was only 1500 people, this city grew faster than others. And now he is one of the largest in his state. In 1970-80s, this city was industrial and industrial, and now the enterprises of the sphere of electronics and new technologies have significantly revived the economy. A lot of public parks, a football stadium, three tennis centers are located on the territory of the city. The famous racetrack is located in Hialeah. It was built in 1925, for a while it was closed to the races, but since 2009 it is actively recovering. In addition to the race track, it is planned to build restaurants, shops and hotels.

The Fairchild Botanical Garden is world famous for its unique collection of rare tropical plants. It has been in operation since 1938, when it was opened to the public by two amateur collectors: professor botanist David Fairchild and businessman Robert Montgomery. The Fairchild Garden is 33 hectares of picturesque landscapes, many of which were created by the famous designer Lyman Phillips.

David Fairchild devoted many years of his life to collecting interesting and useful species of tropical plants around the world, which are grouped in the garden by separate islands separated by a system of fourteen lakes. The Botanical Garden is famous for its amorphophallus pavilion. These giant flowers blossom within 1-2 days and attract thousands of visitors with cameras, wanting to capture an amazing sight. In newsletters of the botanical garden, you can know in advance when this event will occur. In 1998, the height of the flower was fixed at 1.51 meters, and diameter – 0.76 meters.

In addition to all of the above, Hialeah is the capital of the world cruise business. From here the routes start towards the Bahamas or the Caribbean islands, with a visit to Key West, Nasau (the capital of the Bahamas), Paradise Island (the island where Al Capone traveled), Mexico, to Haiti. The path starts either directly from the port of Miami (the seaport of Miami is located on the island of Dodge (Dodge Island)), or from Fort Lauderdale, which is 40 km from Miami.

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Shipping my car was a lot easier than I expected- working with them. It was very simple and fast. They were helpful whenever I called, and although the driver wasn't super friendly, he got the job done.

Got my car from Hialeah to Arizona in 4 days in perfect condition. Andrei the driver was fine but inconvenienced my family not wanting to enter their area but it was resolved. I would recommend them and their great customer service all thru the process.

So we purchased a non running vehicle in Hialeah on the Saturday before the 4th of July (Tuesday) and it was picked up on Wednesday and delivered on Thursday. What can i say but it was great service for a reasonable price.

Overall a good experience. My car made it from Hialeah to Ann Arbor very fast. I was able to keep in touch with the driver the entire way since we had his direct cell number. Good price compared to other companies.

Everything went as planned. I was a little annoyed with the upsell to a closed carrier at the last minute for an extra $25 but it all came off perfectly.

Quick turnaround, good communication, fair price and quality work. We look forward to doing business with you again! Thank you! :)