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2014 Honda Accord
Miami, FL Los Angeles, CA
2017 Dodge Charger
Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL
2015 Ford F150
New York, NY Austin, TX
2017 Ford Focus
Ocala, FL Whitewater, WI
$950 Auction & Bidding Process

Hmm.. where to start from? I needed to ship my car from Miami, FL to Los Angeles, CA. 2012 Ford Focus. The vehicle is not that expensive, but it’s mine and I didn’t want to ship it with a company that I can’t trust. If you ever shipped your car you know the drill and the process. You have to go online, get quotes and wait for the miracle to happen. As it turned out there are no miracles. The moment I submitted my request my phone literally exploded with phone calls, voicemail and text messages.

As it turned out I submitted my request to a lead generator form and they simply sold my information to God knows how many companies. It was awful. Phone calls every 2 minutes, pushy salespeople. How do you check all information and how to make sure that everything that these people are telling me is true? I was going mad and thought to myself – there should be a better way. Since everything is online right now, there should be ways to get quotes and book everything just like I book hotels or flight tickets. Some kind of comparison website with options to choose from. As it turned out there are just three websites that can provide this service: Uship, Getcarrier, and CitizenShipper.

Uship looks like the most trusted and the most established website – a huge amount of reviews (but most of them to Montway auto transport haha). I got my bids within 10-20 minutes and everything was perfect. Except for the price… I don’t know the reason, but prices were $200-$300 higher than the market. Kidding me? So as sweet as it looked I had to go and try something else. Auto Transport Experience
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