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Fort Lauderdale Car Shipping Guide

Fort Lauderdale is a resort town in the state of Florida on the east coast of the USA. It is close to the most famous beach resort of the States – Miami and the port city of West Palm Beach. Fort Lauderdale is famous for the fact that cruise liners with tourists from here are recovering to the Caribbean. And in Fort Lauderdale, there is an international airport that connects the US and many countries of Latin and South America.

Fort Lauderdale due to its excellent economic climate is the center of international business and one of the most beneficial places for expanding and new companies. Initially, the urban economy was based on tourism, but today many other industries are developed in the city, including finance, high technology, television production and aviation radio electronics. In Fort Lauderdale is the headquarters of the largest in the country, the company AutoNation, specializing in the sale of cars. Nowadays the city is a famous tourist site. Only in 2006, it was visited by more than 10 million people.

Hollywood Beach is a small town on the Atlantic coast in Florida as part of Fort Lauderdale. Yes, Florida has its own Hollywood. And it is located exactly in the middle between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Unlike California’s Hollywood, in the Hollywood of the state of Florida, the film industry does not thrive. It is an island of serene quiet rest in Miami. If you need parties before the morning, then it’s better to settle in Miami Beach. And here everything is relaxed, in an old-fashioned way.

But of course, the most important thing in Hollywood is its sandy beaches. Why does everyone fly here? It’s right to be all the time on the beach and see the ocean waves. Along the beach, there is an excellent promenade, where you can leisurely walk or play sports. In the same place, there are several restaurants.

Boulevard Las Olas is the very center of the life of Fort Lauderdale. Around it grew canals, due to which the city was called Venice of America. There are shops, restaurants, and bars. For lovers of culture, there are several museums in Fort Lauderdale. It is worth seeing the Museum of Art and the Museum of Discovery and Science. Car lovers will love the Antique Car Museum, where you can see pre-war American technology.

You can see exotic butterflies in Butterfly World in Tradewinds Park. Children will like the entertainment in the amusement park and roller coaster Boomers! Rollercoaster Park. Nature lovers can pay attention to the main bird of Florida – flamingos – in the botanical gardens of the Flamingo Gardens and Wray Botanical Collection.

Fort Lauderdale is a popular resort offering excellent opportunities for a relaxing holiday. All these thanks to an ideal climate, clean sandy beaches, a large yacht club, great restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs. For its vacationers, the resort offers 7 miles of amazing beaches, decorated with stone buildings and neon water lighting, as well as wonderful long beaches.

How much does it cost to transport a car from or to Fort Lauderdale? 

The average cost to transport standard sedan within the USA will be around $0.35-$0.5 per mile. There are a lot of things that should be considered when planning transportations, but the major ones are the season (it’s better to ship your car to Florida in spring, and from in late fall), weather, Holidays. According to our experience, there are a lot of drivers in Florida with both open and enclosed car trailers. Here is what all brokers can see on CentralDispatch when filtered to “from Fort Lauderdale, FL to All sates”:

Fort Lauderdale auto transport

*Price to be paid to the carrier. You should add $100-$150 brokerage fee to get the total.

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As far as you can see the number of vehicles that need to be shipped from this area is huge! We’d recommend booking the transportation at least 4 days prior to the first available pickup date in order not to overpay for the extra fast pickup and expedited shipping. Some drivers have their storages in Miami, so it might be a good idea to ask about it if you are in a rush. You can also ask your driver to store your vehicle for a couple of days in his storage if you are running late. Usually, 2-3 days of the storage is free of charge (but only if this storage is privately owned by the carrier).

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My car was delivered in 5 days after it was picked up from California to North Carolina so satisfied with the service. Only thing is there was some delay in picking up of the car as compare to original date but it didn't matter to me as I had some other car with me by the time my car reached to my place.

Shipped my Honda CRV from NYC to SF. Pickup was a week later than planned, but the car was delivered on the scheduled date afterwards. Communication was good, and they were always responsive and helpful via phone and email. Car arrived in good shape except for dirt from the cross country trip. The price was fair. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.

They got it here pretty quickly, from Anaheim CA to Cincinnati within 6 days, communication was great and everyone was quite nice, they werent the lowest price, but they got back to me the quickest. Would totally use them again.

Zero issues, aside from getting the car picked up in the window suggested. Had to call in to sort it, but it was handled and my car was picked up an delivered without any issues.

I got the reference of this auto transport from my friend. The company was able to ship my car at right time. within 4 days i got my vehicle shipped from texas to delaware. The transportation charges were economical compared to other movers. Overall good experience. i would prefer them again in future too..

Picked up the day after I secures their services. Transport was smooth, the car arrived in the same condition it was shipped in, and the driver was great and allowed me to look all underneath my vehicle before he offloaded it. Great experience, you get what you pay for!