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Florida Car Shipping Guide

The American state of Florida is simultaneously a peninsula that bears the same name. It is located on the southeastern side of the USA, just from the Atlantic Ocean. What is unusual about it?
In Florida, there is no winter and autumn, and there are only two seasons – when it rains and when not. But in any case, even if it rains, then, as a rule, it is short and warm. But it’s never cold at all. You can wear shorts and a T-shirt all the year round.

Florida is often called the “sunny state”, so it is one of the most famous centers of beach tourism. The length of all the beaches here is 663 miles. Florida Keys is a beautiful phenomenon of nature. This is a group of islands near Florida. They are located not far (about 25 km) from Miami, along the Florida Bay. In total, there are about 1,700 islands, but the “residential” islands are about 60.

Among all American states, only here was found a man who is called Harry Potter. He is already over 70 years old, so he has nothing to do with the bestselling character of the same name, Joan Rowling.

Speaking of the sights of Florida, everyone remembers Orlando, famous for its Disney World, theme parks (“The Magic Kingdom” and “The Magic World of Harry Potter”) and the “Island of Adventure.” In addition, there are several amusement parks, where everyone will find something of their own. Indeed, this is a paradise peninsula.

One of the great advantages of this state is that there are many resorts, and in the south of the peninsula there is one very attractive sight – the Everglades landscape park. In addition to various unusual plants and flowers, different animals and birds are found in this park. In the marshy places alligators and American crocodiles live.

Interestingly, in Florida, there is a city called St. Petersburg. The name is consonant with the English pronunciation of the Russian city of St. Petersburg. However, the Florida St. Pete (as it is shortly called local), in contrast to the rainy Peter, got into the Guinness Book of Records as the sunniest city (768 sunny days in a row), and the average temperature in it does not fall below 16 degrees.

If you are more attracted to historical places, then you should definitely visit such cities as St. Augustine and Pensacola. They appeared on the peninsula very first, therefore here to our days are preserved historical sights. To get acquainted with the art of native inhabitants of the American continent, you should visit the museum in Gainesville.

An interesting fact is that Florida retirees are considered the healthiest in North America. They are much less affected by diseases such as obesity, high and low blood pressure, depression, pulmonary diseases. In this state, space exploration began (John F. Kennedy Space Center). There is also a flourishing circus business, founded by the Ringling brothers in the late 19th century and advertised as “the greatest show on Earth.”

There is another reason for coming here year after year: a combination of price and quality. When you spend money on vacation, you want these expenses to be not in vain. Florida continues to offer a quality vacation, which in today’s world of tourism business is almost equal to the ideal.

How much does it cost to ship your car to or from Florida?

I would say that Florida is one of the busiest states if talking about car shipping. Transportation from or to Florida never stops, but prices are different (up to 50% difference) during different seasons.

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The service was excellent. They picked and delivered the car on time. The drivers were professional and answered all my questions. If I need to transport another car, I would go with them again.

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